Who needs a sleep study?

Anyone that has any of the following issues should have a sleep study:
Unrefreshing sleep, feeling exhausted after waking during the day
Waking up frequently throughout the night
Light, fragmented sleep
Low energy
Snoring, pauses in breathing during sleep
Gasping or choking during sleep
Leg movements or restless legs
The need to take medication or supplements to fall asleep

What do I bring to a sleep study?

You will need your Health card, list of medications and bring any medications that you normally take before bedtime, 2 piece pair of pajamas and indoor slippers.

We provide a pillow and blanket but you are welcome to bring your own if you wish.

If you us a CPAP please bring your hose and mask only.

What should I not do the day of my sleep study?

No caffeine after 3pm

No alcohol

No napping

No hairspray or gel in your hair

What happens after my sleep study?

Our office will contact you within 3 weeks of your sleep study to book an appointment with our sleep specialist to review the results of the sleep study if you haven’t already seen the Doctor.

When does the report get to my Family Doctor?

The final written report will be received by your doctor within 3 to 4 weeks.    

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